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Maintenance Plans

 Examples of results.  Maintenance Plans
 half cleaned gutter
  Upvc Gutters, especially white ones clean up wonderfully well, normally coming back to "as new condition"
 algae covered roof
 cleaned conservatory roof
 Conservatory rooves can become extremely grubby if left for a number of years, but clean up wonderfully well in a couple of hours of hard cleaning work.
 gutter downpipe unblocking
 gutters rinsed after cleaning


  • Gutter clearing 
  • UPVC cleaning 
  • Fascia Boards 
  • Soffit's + Bargeboards 
  • Garage doors 
 As well as our monthly Window cleaning service, we do provide extra cleaning services for our regular customers. 
 Over the last few years we have been booked up for the window cleaning service and have found it difficult to fit the extra services in. 
 We feel that it is wise to try and pre-book as much of these extra services as possible, to give us an idea of the demand for them. 
 This should help us in working out staffing levels, and enable us to maintain a more regular service to our window cleaning customers. 
 As you can see by the pictures, the results of the maintenance cleans can be quite dramatic. 
 Most conservatory rooves would need to be cleaned once a year, with just a few that are close to trees, needing to be cleaned more often. 
 Gutters would normally need to be cleared once a year and to be cleaned externally maybe every 2 years.
 Again if you are located close to trees this would probably need to be done more often, as the down-pipes can block up fairly quickly and this will lead to the gutters over flowing in heavy rain. 
 Garage doors once every 3 months should be sufficient.   
 Upvc fascia's and soffits can be cleaned annually but in many area's every couple of years can be sufficient.




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