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 Conservatory roof Cleaning

 algae covered conservatory roof

 These pictures demonstrate just how effective the water-fed pole cleaning system is when faced with an extremely grimey conservatory roof, such as this one.

 conservatory roof cleanedHow can you achieve these results without the use of chemicals?  

 The purified water, that is an integral part of the system we use, softens the moss and algae that has built up on the roof.
 We are then able to reach over the rooves with the extendable poles, aided by the use of multi-purpose step- ladders. 
conservatory roof panels
 At the end of the poles there are soft bristled brushes, with which we are able to agitate and loosen the moss and algae, and then this is rinsed off with the stream of pure water that sprays out from between the bristles. 
 When the roof has been completely cleaned and rinsed off, it is left to dry off, and as the only water left on the panels is pure, they dry off with a spot free finish. 
 If these panels were rinsed off with normal tap water, then the chemicals and calcium in the water would leave a patchy finish. 
 cleaned roof panelsWhat about my skylights? 
 Yes, we have even cleaned skylights on 3 storey houses and apartment blocks.  We are able to reach these from the ground as we have poles that can reach up to 45 feet.
 We are finding many more garden rooms with Atrium's on the roof and these panels clean up wonderfully well.  
 There is a wonderful view of Bosley Cloud from the top of this garden room roof.
 Some of our customers have these rooves cleaned on each visit whereas most Conservatory rooves are cleaned on a 12 monthly basis.
 window cleaning over conservatory roofCan you reach my windows over the Conservatory?
 Yes, in most cases.
 If you have an extremely large conservatory then it is possible that your windows may be out of reach, but we haven't come across this very often. 

Conservatory after cleaning Our regular clients will already have the Windows and side panels cleaned on their Conservatories, but for those of you that don't, you will be amazed at how well they clean up, just using pure water and our brushes.

 We are bad news for spiders and their web’s, we also remove those unsightly snail trails that weave their way over your windows.

 Conservatory trellisDo you clean the trellis on the roof? 
 Yes we do.
 The trellis can be the most difficult part of the clean, as the algae builds up on the edges and it can be very fiddly to remove it all.
 What about the gutters on the conservatory? 
 We can clear out the debris from within the gutters, prior to cleaning of the roof, and some of our clients have also asked us to wipe the inside of the gutters, as they can see them from their upstairs windows.
 The external surface of the gutter is cleaned with the water-fed pole after we have finished the roof.
 How often will my conservatory roof need cleaning?
 Well for most of our clients, once every 12 months should be sufficient. But if you have some trees overhanging, it might be that you would need it cleaning every 6 months.
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